Stygia II – The Sisters of Stygia (Kitty Horrorshow)


lonesome town twine interactive fiction horror ghosts death adventure game hypertext stygia sisters text haunter horsefellows necrogore nerva sequel stygia 2 [Author’s description]

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  1. Good use of music! I’m not at all surprised that SPIDERSTORM is canon. Looking forward to the next installment. 😀

  2. it pretty much had to be. <3 Thank you for playing!

  3. 😀 Just wanted to let you know, I am teaching a bunch of writers about interactive storytelling by introducing them to Twine. I am pointing them to Stygia and Stygia II specifically as interesting, good examples of what can be done in Twine. It has inspired many of them. Thanks for your creativity and attention to storytelling.

    Also…. I want to add my vote (and that of my students) for you to go ahead and release Stygia III. You’ve left us hanging at the end of Empire Strikes Back! LOL.