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Social Dysphoria The Game (Nicole Brauer)

Dodge cisbots Innacurate Pronoun lasers while fighting through the Medical Referral levels and Psych visits teeming with dastardly Uneducated Doctors to reach the treasured Estrogen ampule/Testosterone vial at the top of the castle and save the world![Author’s Description]

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Penalties (Soha El-Sabaawi)


Penalties is an escape-the-room horror game… [Author’s description]

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100,000 YEARS (Pierre Chevalier)


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Some Bee Ess (thecatamites)


Dreams. . .[Author’s description]

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Donkey-Me: Raiders of the Lost Ark (Bruno R. Marcos)

Donkey-Me is intended to be a collection of games, each of them inspired in a classic movie, and with a Nintendo’s Donkey Kong arcade game look. [Author’s Description]

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Octopus Decision (thecatamites)


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Symbol (lilith)


When I was around 8 I was fixated on experimenting with glitches in Ocarina of Time- all the beta screenshots and GeoCities pages showing images of debug menus and random crud that got left in the ROM furthered this idea I had that all these things were still there, but just outside reach. It extended beyond Ocarina of Time, though, and soon I started thinking about all the other games I played and what was hiding there, and even began making maps of imaginary “debug areas” that I invented for games like Bomberman 64 and Quest. At the peak of all this I was having dreams about similar themes, and one of my favorites was about some supposed “beta” version of Big Boo’s Mansion where it was just a big dead field with unfinished houses littering the grounds. I was looking for a book but this big round ghost-thing just kept following me. It didn’t really do anything beyond that- always just watching. The imagery of that dream has stuck with me and although I don’t remember a huge amount other than a few details and a general aesthetic, it’s been enough to inspire strange feelings about darkness. This game isn’t just based on that dream, but is instead a mixture of places and feelings that go well with the general idea in my mind. [Author’s description]

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Microdoctor (Jan Willem Nijman, Kitty Calis)

operation: inside job[Author’s Description]

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Depression (Calunio)

This is, in a way, a experimental game… which means I’m not sure if it’s enjoyable, I’m not sure if it’s meant to be, and I’m not sure what kind of reactions it could provoke.[Author’s Description]

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Daymare Town 4 (Mateusz Skutnik)

the day the mare stood still….[Author’s Description]

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