Your Mission (Leon Arnott)

your mission

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  1. Maaaaaan I like visual novels as much as the next guy, but you bros post ALOT of them…

  2. Funny! I cheated by (ROT-13) mbbzvat bhg, but was disappointed to see the game did not acknowledge my transgression.

  3. I hammered out all the text in this game in half an hour of unedited improvisation, so I hope people don’t mistake it for something actually worth trying to read. :\

    • I actually replayed a few times trying to read all of the text, thinking it might hold a clue… Then I tried clicking the blue link at the bottom as it…spoilered.

    • Man, I want to go into the basement. I demand DLC.

  4. Just to be sure: “macro not found” is meant to be the ending, eh?

    If yes, well done : )

    If no… I want to see the rest!