Césure (Orihaus)


Tiny pure exploration game inspired by the more experimental works of Aliceffekt and Increpare. – [Author’s description]

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  1. Whoa, this is gorgeous. I have no idea how much of it I’ve yet to see, as I get pretty disoriented after falling into the water, but I’m looking forward to diving back again later.

    p.s. – “Author’s description link is redirecting to this page, I think because it needs to be preceded by an “https://”?

  2. walking along the flatter bits reminded me of noctis iv. i really like this.

  3. Download links on this page are temporarily broken, just go here for the working links: https://www.noctuelles.info/Cesure

  4. This is unreal — like something out of Dante. I bet I’ll have weird dreams…

  5. This was like a nightmare. That’s kind of a cliched way of putting things but I mean, literally, this is like a nightmare I would have, where I can’t figure out what’s going on and I don’t have full control of my body. My dreams are like this when I get sleep paralysis. Stuck in dark fissures. Not quite able to figure out where, not quite able to open my eyes, everything indistinct shapes. Unable to get out. The only way I could get this to work *at all* on my machine (I think that motion blur is murdering your performance) was to run it in “Fastest” at 640×480 so I could never quite see what was happening.

    It was very beautiful.

    In my playthrough, I climbed down off the starting point onto a big cascading of walkways and egg shell things and then just… I kept going down. That was the only clear thing I was given to do. I went down and down through several layers of structures, indistinct as I fell past them, eventually coming down to what seemed like a valley, sand dunes, something. I walked past that and came to what appeared to be a waterfront, an ocean. i could walk out on the ocean. I wasn’t clear if I could get back to the shells or if I tried, how I could see to climb back up on them, so I just stopped there. Were there actual events at any point or just territory to explore? I think this works as a pure-territory game, and by the time I reached the seashore I felt like a story arc had been completed. The one bit of feedback I’d give is, the game starts you off staring at a wall (or well a shell you can’t seem to climb on) and in a situation where trying to walk toward the thing right in front of you just gets you stuck in a crack. You can reach a walkway from there, but it’s not clear, and it’s easy to fall under or through the walkway and into an area where you’re half wedged in scenery. So at that point the question is whether you’re trying to make the player feel disoriented and helpless. If so, this works well in terms of framing their expectations, but if there’s something you want to guide them to do you might want to start off with them looking at either something like the thing you want them to move toward, or something that helps them understand what the “rules” of the place they are in (i.e., I was never clear if I was supposed to be able to purposefully navigate the shell layers– which is ok unless you actually wanted me to).

  6. When that wind-like sound plays, it’s very disturbing for me and somewhat painful; so much so to the point I had to stop playing.