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dog of dracula (Team Batsu)


dog of dracula (ドラキュラの犬) is an otaku noir nakige about a groomer stuck in a sauceless city, developed by major depressive auteurs team batsu as part of their class project on marxist theory[Author’s description]

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Never Have I Ever (Molly Carroll and Ashton Raze)


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Heart the Beat (Nico Tuason)

The more coins you collect, the higher your score multiplier. Hitting a wall resets the multiplier. – [Author’s Description]

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Trippin’ Songhai (Silbinary Wolf)

Take on the life of a drugged out teenager, who after taking a new hallucinogen, is thrown into a crazy new world.[Author’s Description]

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Treasure Hunt (Jake Clover)

11574_2a silly game use arrows and enter[Author’s Description]

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Global Game Jam Simulator (Ryan Clark, Alec Holowka)

This game simulates being an organizer of a local instance of the Global Game Jam! As the organizer becomes overworked, his/her heart rate rises, which has repercussions. Make your jam the biggest in the world to win![Author’s Description]

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Super Puzzle Platformer Plus (Andrew Morrish)

Super Puzzle Platformer PLUS, and Super Puzzle Platformer DELUXE are not the same game. All will be clear in the very near future.[Author’s Tweet]

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Perfectly Valid Reasons (fnmsp)


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Terrible Animal: The Dark Project (Kim Moss)


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OFUROooBa!! (Detarou)

A new word needs to be invented to describe this escape game designer’s particular style[Jayisgames review/walkthrough]

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