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Bouncy Cat (Nick Ploos van Amstel, Geertruida Visser)

A cute platformer where you use the keyboard and mouse to play and bounce all over the place![Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]

Titan Flux Kapacity 2 (Jake Clover)

haha nono it’s not your eyes don’t worry it’s all the game[Author’s comment]

[Download for Windows]

A Man’s Quest (Drunk Devs)

The game takes about 16 minutes to complete, so it’s best played in one sitting.[Author’s description]


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[Download for Windows]

Snowl (BugBringer)

– This is a retrospective tiny bowling game.
– An evil white bear bowls a snowball.
– Rolldown penguins to earn score!
[Author’s description]

[Download for windows]

A Fortune in Gold! (John Candy)

Play as Grigori in his single minded and cruel revenge quest against the hereditary autocrat. Or is he just insatiably greedy for A FORTUNE IN GOLD? Be kind to people. Or not! Save often, eat honey, and cheese. Get married! There is fighting in this one.

Thanks a lot if you actually play this.[Author’s Description]

This game may require installation of the RPGMaker 2003 RTP.

[Download for Windows]

Kim’s Story (Kim Moss)

I used to think that Game Maker and its ilk would be close to the future of making videogames, the enabling package for one and all to create with. Then I sat my wife down in front of Twine and I realised that my world is a small world.

In recent times, I’ve come to realise that my world is the smallest of worlds and the world out there is bigger than I could have hoped for. There are more games and more stories than I had dreamed of ready to be made. – [Rob Fearon, owVideogames]

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Andytown 1972 (Thanael)

It’s based on a story from the troubles in Northern Ireland I heard a few years back. It’s designed to help people think about and discuss the troubles from two different viewpoints. [Author’s description]

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bluelit (Berkley Staite)

“A Grow-like Twine game where you have a single scene and eight verbs that can be performed once in any order.” – [Author’s description]

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Clone Man (Sorobaid)

Clone Man was subject of experiment in cloning. [Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]

Oh My Gorgons! (Alan Hazelden and Sarah Marshall)

Clarification: the idea is that you’re meant to close your eyes when your character has line of sight to a gorgon. [Author’s description]

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