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Milford the Ghosts (Colorvade)

Milford the Ghosts is a shoot ’em up about a ghost named Milford who can shoot himself as a projectile at randomly generated enemies whilst leveling up and taking on spooky bosses. The game was developed in Stencyl as part of the Stencyl Jam 2012 competition. – [Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]

Journey to Hell (Romeo)

One night some strange symbols appear in the crop fields near the village of Newhell. As the population depends on his crops to survive, the damaged harvest is declared an act of Devil.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]

Wild Hunters (Firestyle)

Go on an epic quest with Saru the monkey as he battles monsters and rescues mystical beings known as Stargazers! [Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]

Subterannia (Viloen)

Help save a frozen nation that rests on top of an old civilization.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]

A Void For Machinery (Folmer Kelly)

A Void For Machinery is the story of a lost robot looking for its void. – [Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]

A Tale of Colours (Giovanni Beninato)

A Tale of Colours is a nonlinear platform game with heavy emphasis on exploration. – [Author’s description]

[Play online (Flash)]

The Lantern Game (Rastek)

This is my first completed project after a bunch of disasters following Wither. It’s a one-room horror game […] Done in about 2 days, should take about 30 minutes to do a complete run if you don’t die.[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]

ZOMI (C.C. Norris)

The land is cursed and you must break the evil witches spell.[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]

I Miss The Sunrise (Space Lizard)

“Where were you when the universe ended?”[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]

ASCIIvania (gharding3)

A mini metroidvania type word game. – [Author’s Description]


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