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WONDER CITY (Wonder City Team)


…a narrative, choose-your-adventure game where players navigate through a high school where people are mysteriously granted superpowers. Each episode explores stereotypes, beauty myths, harassment, bullying, and peer influence. It gives players the chance to fight back against all of those influences and stand up for others.[Interview with designer]

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Your Swimsuit Jumped Over Its Own Weathercock, You Liar! (Amy Roberts)


A (questionably) ero visual novel whose text is entirely driven by Markov chains, with the exception of a few strategically-placed ellipses.

This weirdo VN invokes memories of the Japanese-language eroge games I used to play as a teen. I valiantly attempted over and over to unlock their hidden erotic secrets, despite having no clue what was going on. This game does have an explicit win condition. Losing is implicit and will be as confusing as everything else.[Author’s description]

[Windows/Mac/Linux Download]

Where the fuck is Richard? (Tom van den Boogaart)

A small experimental game in which you have to find a guy called Richard because you want some toast.[Author’s Description]

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Return (Graeme Borland)

only uses mouse[Author’s Description]

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Cascata (ForthFloorGames)

A 2 player game that makes you think about your partner more than yourself.[Author’s Description]

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NothingElse (Ivan Zanotti)

NothingElse is a weird game experience.


Z to Interact
LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to interact in certain scenes.
ALT+ENTER for fullscreen
[Author’s Description]

(via Paul Hack,

[Download for Windows]

The Old Man and The Lake (James Earl Cox III, Steven “Papi” Harvey II)

A short game rich with metaphor and old man and robotic fish.[Author’s Description]

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MOSHIMOSHI (Armel Gibson, Calum Bowen)

Kill, avoid being killed. Catch the weird stars for powerup. Sing along the tune.[Author’s Description]

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[placeholder] – Michael Cook

[placeholder] is an abstract puzzle game about an abstract puzzle game.[Author’s Description]

[Download .JAR file (Win/Mac/Linux)]

Little Father Time (John Candy)

The machine moves. up down left right, x(menu) z(action). put start position in map called “beginning”[Author’s Description]

This game may require installation of the RPG Maker 2003 RTP.

[Download for Windows]