Monthly Archives: January 2014

Projective (Jay Jaewoo Jeon, Jake Jonghwa Kim)


The goal is to match the silhouette of highlighted objects to the shape in a picture frame.[Author’s description]

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Auf Wiedersehen, Mogey (thecatamites)


this makes 50 of the daily games. i am going to take a break from them for a little while. i overwhelmingly enjoyed making them, though, so may try to start back up again at some point…[Author’s Description]

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The Quiet Man (thecatamites)


Special screening of the famous John Ford film. – [Author’s description]

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Light Fantastik (Kabraxis)


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A puzzle platformer set in a maze and it’s reflection, which one can be seen and other can be climbed. Decide your way up in Light side and climb it at inverted side![Author’s description]

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Digital Toilet World (Alex Higgins)


You are a cleaner – a holy warrior on a mission to purge a server world of lethal viruses. Accompanying you on your mission is a brave (and cute!) fighting monster, the only one capable of fighting the viruses. The catch? The monster must poop frequently, and there’s only one toilet on the whole server.[Author’s description]

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AFTER THOUGHT (Bill Kiley, Aimless J. Lackluster)


A classy British lady walks you through burning game program information into your eyes.[Author’s description]

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Hi-Speed Road-Cross (Faisal, Stratkat)


An experimental short game using minimal mechanics & fast paced gameplay. Played best with subconscious.[Author’s description]

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The Labyrinth of Keys (Matthew Rodriguez, ZeroTron, Khananaphone)


Your goal is to escape from the Labyrinth of Keys. However, not all of the doors in the game lead to freedom.[Author’s Description]

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Blue Chip (Albert Socoró)


With the blue chip game I wanted to create a very fast platformer, as I usually find most platformers slow. – [Author’s description]

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Day X (rottenmage)


A man plagued by guilt and self-hatred goes about his everyday life.[Author’s description]

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