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Dude, Where’s My Planet (Zamando)

Press enter to start at title screen and to reset current level.
Arrow keys to move. – [Author’s description]


Nebulous Hero (Lo And Behold Games)

I’d like to make a game where the tutorial comes up after the credits. – [Peter Molydeux tweet]

[Download for Windows]

stack::tracer() (nihilocrat)

stack::tracer() is a game about adding and removing “functions” to a stack to build a pathway to the exit(); of a program.[Author’s description]

[Play Online (Unity)]

Intense Staring Simulator (DedHedZed)

Unleash your inner sociopath.[Author’s description]

[Play Online (Flash)]

via André Camacho

Crystalbots (rynti)

Defeat the robots with bubbles that you can upgrade! [Author’s description]

[Play Online (Flash)]

microrail (kirkjerk)

“microrail” is a tiny world of a not-super-innovative but solid and fun puzzles, where you make a rail line connecting the two endpoints and every station in between in a traingular – err, triangular — grid.[Author’s description]

[Play Online (Java)]
[Download for Windows]
[Download for OSX]
[Download for Linux]

Synthesis (marudziik)

Are you good at chemistry? Well, you should be, because you got NANO-SIZED! Use your NANOSHIP force fields to attract atoms, and when you’re ready, activate reaction trap! [Author’s description]

[Play Online (Flash)]

Robots Are Red, Violets Are Blue (d_durham)

Control a giant red robot by moving it’s legs. Deliver flowers as you stomp around the tiny town below.[Author’s description]

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[Download for Windows]

Extensionism (Eelfroth)

arrow keys – walk
R – reset level
[Author’s description]

[Play Online (Java)]
[Download for Windows]
[Download for Mac]
[Download for Linux]

Before The Big Bang ( ragnister )

Try to connect all particles of matter (yellow) before the antimatter (blue) takes over.[Author’s description]

[Play Online (HTML5)]