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The Last Halloween (deathzero021)

– retro graphics
– decent lighting
– platforming and shooter based gameplay
– short game time
[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]

Turnament (Aaron Steed, for Nitrome)

Make one wrong turn and all will be lost – [Nitrome Blog]

[Play online (Flash)]

Farsh (Mahdi Bahrami)

To my mother, who spent her youth weaving carpets.[Author’s Description]


[Download for Windows]
[Download for Mac]

So Long, Oregon! (Justin Smith)

Also can get your So Long Oregon on your PC free for ye mobile game haterz[Author’s Tweet]

[Download for Windows]

Realistic Summer Sports Simulator (Justin Smith)

Now can get your Realistic Summer Sports Simulator on your Personal Computer[Author’s Tweet]

[Download for Windows]

The Gametrekking Omnibus (Jordan Magnuson)

In 2011 I set off to travel Asia and make small, experimental interactive sketches about the things that impacted me along the way. […] Today I am releasing the Gametrekking Omnibus, a downloadable collection of all of my Gametrekking creations to date. It is my tenth release of the Gametrekking project, and it will also be my final “official” release.[Author’s Description]

[Download for Windows]

[Download crossplatform .air file]
[Download Adobe AIR]

Middens (John Clowder)

Using collage and pixel art in tandem as its center aesthetic Middens takes the perspective of an ambiguous drifter traversing a veritable x-zone.[Author’s Description]


[Download for Windows]

Stygia (Kitty Horrorshow)

it is a story about a world full of DEAD PEOPLE. you PLAY as such a dead person and it is your job to HAUNT THE LIVINGGgggg…(ps there are TWO(2) ENDINGS)[Author’s description]

[Play Online]

MEMEME (ThomasRyder)

Click the head[Author’s description]

[Windows Download]

Hello world (timgarbos)

A collaborative storytelling experiment in an abstract 3D world. [Author’s description]

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