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CAVE! CAVE! DEUS VIDET. (We Are Muesli, Monroeville Music Center)


Inspired by the works of Jheronimus Bosch.

Some more random things #CAVECAVEDEUSVIDET is about: making choices, hermitage, Star Wars, inkblots, punk rock.[Author’s description]

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GHOST MUMPS: EPISODE 1 (mno, Shengly)


GHOST MUMPS: EPISODE 1 is an action packed platformer to no end (it can be replayed infinity times!). It features 10 intense (after the tutorial I guess) levels that will keep you up at night trying to figure out![Author’s description]

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Evil Path (Ammar Alsharekh)


RPG game with 4 ending story depend in your selection in game.[Author’s description]

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Female Experience Simulator (Alyson Macdonald)

I got the idea for this last week after reading piece about some of the ridiculous online games aimed at women. It made me want to make a game which more accurately reflected my own experiences and those of women I know.[Author’s description]

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G:Force (Rob Fearon)

An old long abandoned project (2006!) to bring Boris Baginski’s obscure Speccy take on Tempest to the modern PC.[Author’s description]

Controls: Arrows to move, Z to fire, X to SUPERZAP.

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Scarred (Leo Burke)

As we live our lives, some scars are visible, while others are not so visible.[Author’s description]

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Regret (Adam Hartling)

A little bit of Pac-man, Dig Dug, Zelda, and Pet Cemetery.[Author’s description]

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Crypt World: Your Darkest Desires (lilith, liz ryerson)


In our world, you can die at any time, for no reason whatsoever. This single fact has acted the primary inspiration for Nindendy’s new Triple-A HitGame “Elizabeth Crypt Girl: The Game That Plays You”.
A reflecting pool of the futility we all experience, “Crypt Game Desire” is the only game that painstakingly replicates the banal conditions which define all our lives. You will collect gold, only to forget what point there is in collecting gold. You will grind against the walls of the crypts, yearning for any sensation in this lonely hellworld. You will laugh- and then realize there is nothing to laugh about- and then cry. Then you will cry even more. After several hours of this your tears will flood the room and you will suffocate as a result of your own realizations into the true nature of waking life.
Enter Crypt World- the knife which will cut through the thin veil which obscures the infinite nothingness contained within our lives. Nothing will survive beyond this point. – [Author’s description]

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originally inspired by some tweets by Kat Chastain[Author’s description]

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Querido Diario. Yo, Cuba, la gente, el trabajo, el alcohol y el resto también. (Team Stella)

L’alcool n’arrange pas toujours les choses, surtout quand les raisons sont obscures. Ce matin est un matin pas comme les autres, le monde semble s’effondrer sur lui-même, le licenciement n’est pas loin, mais peut-être qu’en se débrouillant bien, personne ne s’en rendra compte…[Author’s description]

Mouse to look around, double-click to trigger heartbeat, E and R to walk.

Warning: Flashing lights

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