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Drop (Notch)

dropYeaaaah, so that Ludum Dare game is not happening, but I made this[Author’s Tweet]

[Play online (Unity)]

TOOM (Mike Kasprzak, Derek Laufman)


Our apologies. The game is rather nonsensical, but you can win. We had some ideas we loved, but cut many of them to make the deadline. Stay tuned, we’re hoping to do a “Directors Cut” post compo. 🙂[Author’s Description]

[Play online (HTML5)]

Ponk (Sos)


Making a game for a C64 and on PC is super simple and tons of fun! But Making a game on a real C64 is something else! One false move and BAH! your game is gone! There are no drives inside C64, everything that you are working on will die once you flip the power button. Moreover, there is no memory protection, so you can accidentally wipe out your code while it’s executing~![Author’s Postmortem]

[Download C64 .PRG file]
[Download Vice (C64 emulator) for various platforms]

[Source code diagram]
[A beginners guide to making games for C64]

Gods Will Be Watching (Deconstructeam)


We tried to approach Minimalism trough gameplay. Isolated on a single stage, with a few a possible actions, you must endure trough a 40 days survival until the Sgt. Burden’s crew can be rescued. Enjoy the puzzle and stay alive![Author’s description]

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A thing about nothingness (Pierrec, Sy)


There are 9+1 “endings”.[Author’s description]

[Windows Download]

Broke Down (saguaro)


Broke Down is a Twinestory about tearing shit up and getting off on it. – [Author’s description]

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(via Indie Statik)

rainwalkers (nuprahtor)


WASD – movement
Mouse – camera view
Left Mouse Button – action
Right Mouse Button – proceed dialog
1 – write “I’m here” message
2 – write “Hello” message
3 – write “Rain” message
4 – write “Farewell” message[Author’s description]

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App Escape (Leon Arnott)

app escape

Thumbing through your smartphone at midnight during a thunderstorm on Saturday the 13th wasn’t as safe an activity as you thought, because somehow you’ve been zapped into the incredibly deadly world of your phone’s menu screen. Fortunately you’ve installed the app that can let you escape, but can you reach it before your lives run out??

Controls: Arrow keys to move. Spacebar to advance cutscenes. – [Author’s description]

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[Windows Download]

Rapid Tunnel Future (syre)

rapid tunnel future

Press any key or the mouse buttons to do the action. Hit some of the obstacles from the front and the rest from the sides. When you hit them you will get points for your score, unless you hit them wrong, then you will die.[Author’s description]

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GRAVEDIG.TWS (Leon Arnott)


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