Ogre Push! (Giorgio Malvone)


arrow keys to move
X to action
Z to undo, R to restart –
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  1. Thanks for featuring my game! 😀 There’s actually a newer version out now if anyone wants to take a look – https://www.puzzlescript.net/play.html?p=9163494

  2. I like it. Manages a pretty steady flow of mechanical additions while still being very simple and fun.

  3. This is really good.

    A question: are there any examples of Sokoban-likes incorporating the forced-to-pull-when-stepping-away-from-a-crate mechanic before Corrypt? The Heroes of Sokoban PuzzleScript games used it for one of its player-characters, and this one — uniquely, I think? — uses it for one of its crate-types.

    • Here is another one that uses it as a crate-type.

      Corrypt is the first one I’m aware of, and it’s where I got the idea from. I vaguely remember Michael saying that the pulling mechanic came out of an initial attempt to make all moves reversible without an undo button (although it doesn’t actually do that, for various reasons), so at least in this case I don’t think it was inspired by any particular game.

      There’s also the SNES classic Link to the Past Except With the A Button Glued Down, but maybe that doesn’t count.

  4. Wow really cool game dude! Loving the colours boyy!