Cubic Space (Adam Saltsman)


CUBIC SPACE is a free survival-puzzle game which draws a lot of inspiration from an unreleased Zach Gage prototype from a couple years ago, with just a hint of Quantum and some delicate FTL: Faster Than Light undertones. – [Author’s description]

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  1. He could’ve stood to use a readable font for the help menu; after squinting at it I gave it a go for a few rounds and had basically no idea what was going on.

    • “Cubic Space is all about dice”
      “[red numbered dice values, 1 through 6]”
      “Mission: survive six levels”
      “This is your ship”
      “Look out for [blue and green] pickups and [red] foes”
      “Combat: Pick a [red foe] then use your [blue] laser or [green] shield”
      “Levels always contain 8 foe die, 4 lasers, 4 shields”
      “Reroll: Reroll[yellow die] new dice. Max out [green] or [blue] [i.e., above 6] to earn more [yellow rerolls]”
      “Points: use the [small yellow button] to convert [3 green] plus [3 blue] into one point”

  2. I can’t stop playing this game. I’ve beat it at least once. Not a real high score, like 34 or something. But the math. The math compels me.