Assimilagent (FAKESOFT)


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  1. Totally fun! (I really like the broken language, and the level-select reveal was a treat.)

    (The end credits were broken for me — only saw a brief flash of a letter and then black above, only the names listed legibly below. But perhaps that’s because I have a plugin blocked or somesuch?)

    • I think they’re meant to be like that, if the rest of the game is anything to go by.

      This is an extremely good twine.

  2. Yay! This is the most plain fun I’ve had with a Twine game in a while (ever?) Power up!

  3. it’s pretty neat, but the sound gets super glitchy if you trying going back to see other options, so i got to hear “POWER UP” on loop for pretty much the whole game.

  4. The language was a real joy. Trying to imagine how every crazy scene would be depicted in an actual Mega Man-style video game was a pleasure too.

    The credit headers were “glitchy” in Chrome for me too, flashing a bit too quickly to appear intentional!

  5. First Twine game really enjoyed. Clever use of the engine!