18 Cadence (Aaron Reed)

18 cadence

Each piece of story text can be dragged onto a workbench, positioned, reordered, merged with other fragments, and deleted. A sharing mechanism invites readers to create their own stories from the raw material of the house’s hundred-year history, and explore what others have found and created.

What I slowly realized I wanted to explore was something that felt more like magnetic narrative. In the final version of the piece, fragments aren’t static text but dynamic objects that can merge with each other, remember their origins, know how to describe themselves succinctly or verbosely, even stay aware of their relationship to each other, turning a name into pronoun in a fragment below or to the right of another with the same name.
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  1. Surprised this isn’t highly recommended. I really loved it.

    • oh it probably oughta be (especially after reading other people’s impressions), ive just been so busy going through 100s of games i havent had a proper play

  2. I loved this too. The first time I saw it I wrongly assumed it was little more than a simple gimmick but I’ve been dipping into it over the past couple of weeks and been really impressed by the depth and eloquence of the storytelling behind it.

  3. I’m really digging browsing through other people’s stories. It’s really cool to see how people exploit the table to play around with spacing and form.

  4. It’s interesting what you can do by overlapping snippets.

    All is An Atari.