Space Funeral (thecatamites)

What is a game? Professor M. Mouse of Texas, America claims that the word game denotes "the historical process by which the term game has been characterised and understood".

Easy for you to say, Professor!!

Those of us with a more down-home approach to codifying the various aspects of a nebulous and unbearable human condition prefer to go by a simpler definition, thus.

A game is some combination of the following indivisable elements:
- skeleton
- red key
- score thing
- magic door

If you see something that looks like a videogame but isn't, you should notify the Police.[from]

[Download for Windows]

(This is a guest post by Derek Yu.)


  1. This is one of my favorite indie games ever. Great writing and excellent of choice of music tracks too.

  2. This is one of my favorite anythings, ever. It’s just so… it’s just so very what it is.

  3. the music really makes this game. great selection.

    also the game is fun.

  4. i played this game a while back … awesome. also i bought the Les Rallizes Denudes “Heavier than a death in a family” because of it. A MUST PLAY.

  5. i agree with all the above comments

  6. this is my favorite game made for the pc by an individual. it is truly the greatest. i never shut up about it. i want to marry space funeral. marry me, space funeral.

  7. so, is derek just going to re-post all the old tigsource material here?
    the games are nice, but i’ve already played all of them 2 years ago.
    i am really happy to see some current free indie games featured here, but there appears to be a tendency for new posters to bring out their backlog.

    • The new posters are actually guest posters – they’re just on for a week and recommend their favourite free indie games. We should probably signal it better…

      • now that you mention it, i vaguely remember that the first guest posts talked about the way it works. with that in mind, dereks post fit better and are no reason for concern 🙂