Frog Fractions (Twinbeard Studios)

WIP[Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. I absolutely love this game. Made me laugh so so much.

  2. learning fractions has never been this easy

    thanks frog fractions

  3. This game cheered my day.

  4. GOTY. For serious.

  5. I never knew fractions could get so complicated.

  6. This is the most wonderful thing.

  7. Can someone help with the text adventure? I got the cup and that’s it

  8. I have the urge to admit in public that I do not understand any of this game’s rules or what role do fractions play in this. I shall try harder.

  9. Because of this game, I stayed up way later than I meant to, and that’s OK.

  10. a goddamned hoot

  11. This feels like nothing but an inferior version of the DSiWare game Bird & Beans.