MADHOUSE (Paul Hubans)

MADHOUSE is rough around the edges and not particularly well-balanced, but has the kind of charm that I love to see in indie games… to the point where even the imbalances feel “right” at times (or at least really funny). There’s also quite a bit of unique detail in the characters, weapons, and environments, which keeps it feeling fresh match after match. I’ll be honest, though, the best way to play is the way we played it: with the Special Edition, with Paul there giggling to himself, and on a projector with a bunch of other nerds watching and cheering.[Derek’s TIGSource Post]

[Download for Windows]

(This is a guest post by Derek Yu.)


  1. Gabriel Cavalcante

    GREAAAAAAT!!!! I’ve been looking for this game for quite a long time now *o* The official site does not exist anymore, so I believe the servers too. Is too hard to find any download of this game. Thanks a lot 😀

  2. I played this game some years ago on Yoyogames. I remember it being really fun and especially the versus mode was awesome.
    Did the game have any updates since then?