60 Seconds To Live (deeperbeige.com)

Can you solve your own murder in this mini-adventure?[Author’s description]

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  1. I should have known better than to do so, but I think I had pretty much written off the entire Escape The Room genre as being no longer worthy of one’s time or attention (if I even thought it ever was?), so it’s especially neat to see how this game reinvigorates things. The opening is especially clever.


    There’s some quite fun stuff about this (I like the “aw, crap”), but the interface is weird — my first 5-6 playthroughs consisted of failing to understand the basic mechanics of interacting with the pin (the game specifically tells me “click and drag to play”, then the first thing you interact with responds to something other than click and drag). After a few playthroughs this devolved into just repeatedly clicking the pin very rapidly in an attempt to create rhythmic music. I wound up with the kind of “what are the buttons” sense I usually get with experimental iOS or Wii games, and this didn’t interact well with the time limit. It’s one thing to solve a puzzle with a time limit of seconds, but it’s another to have 2-3 seconds left and be having to worry about considerations like “Am I supposed to click this thing, or maybe press and hold, or maybe drag but only in one particular direction?”.

    Ultimately, I figured out who killed me and how, but not why. Since the game implied I was going to die anyway, and the answer was probably something about Maria (I assume this due to Checkov’s gun and process of elimination) it wasn’t clear to me why it would be worth it to keep trying and learn the truth about a death I couldn’t prevent. I AM BESET WITH FATALISTIC MALAISE.

    • Oh, agreed. That pin interaction is a clear design flaw. Unfortunate to jump in to that so early in the game, especially after the intuitive elegance of the letter-handling at the very start.

  3. The points where it seems like you have to click repeatedly are equally doable by holding the button down over the respective hot-spots.