Jeremy (Mike MacDee)

Jeremy’s life is an endless gauntlet of beatings and ridicule devoid of affection. How many days can you last before ultimately giving up?

Jeremy is an art game I made for Gamejolt’s Music Interpretation contest, where the theme was to make a game based on your favorite song.[Author’s Description]

(via owVideogames)

[Download for Windows]


  1. Who knew quitting would have such dire consequences?

  2. I made my way through to what I assume is the closest thing there is to a win condition, and I feel bad about letting the poor guy down but it was grueling enough getting through one full day, yes? Especially the cafeteria and the gymnasium.

    (It would be pretty amazing if it turned out there were a series of long-term easter eggs based on eventually, after 1,825 days or so of this school cycle, moving out and maybe going to college. I guess weekends and summers would need to be handled differently, too. Has anyone kept at it for a full week?)

    It’s sort of a neat mechanic, the self-esteem meter, maybe especially so because the bullies simply will not kill you; it’s not their goal. Which goes some way toward turning this dire game into something a bit hopeful. Because the outcome is pretty much entirely in your hands.

  3. thanks for playing, fellas. the game does in fact loop endlessly — i can’t imagine how much of a masochist you’d have to be to play through it over a thousand times, much less a full week!