Vonneguts & Glory (Shaun Inman)

WASD or Arrows to move
QE or FG to turn
Click mouse or SPACE to unstab/unshoot
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[Play online (Flash) ]


  1. Short, but sweet Wolfenstein-esque (with a twist game). Can’t wait to see all of the stuff that comes out of 7DFPS!

  2. Neat. This is great. I had thought the music was what tipped me off to what was going on, but now I’m not sure it’s actually special in that regard. (I guess I didn’t read the text below the game window.)

    Having A and D strafe instead of turn is sort of funny as a nod to current-age WASD controls, but it isn’t actually useful here. (Wolfenstein used left and right to turn, no? In fact, didn’t all the pre-mouselook 3D games?)

    The other unnecessarily disorienting thing is that it seems the temporary barriers/gateways are only visible when adjacent to them. (This was probably just an oversight?)

  3. I have to admit to never playing many 3d games. I still prefer a d-pad. Control wonkiness is down to inexperience and whatever felt right at the time. The disappearing items were partly haste, partly design. I probably wouldn’t build a a 3d game with 2d tools again but I do like the fact that you stumble upon things and have to seek out the nooks and crannies. Thanks for the link and thanks for playing!

  4. Very nice indeed.