Project Sphere (Team Sphere)

The project Ball is a First Person Puzzle based on trajectory transission between a ball thrown by the player and himself. [Author’s description]

[Play Online (Unity)] (warning : be prepared for long loading/downloading times – I strongly recommend downloading the standalone version)

[Download for Windows]

[Download for Mac]


  1. Hi! I’m Rémi, one of the game designer of SPHERE! Just to say that I wasn’t alone to create this game, we’re a team of 6 students! (TEAM SPHERE)

  2. This is right on so many levels.

  3. SomeMountainMan

    This is so cool… I wonder why there arent more comments?

  4. If there aren’t… LET’S MAKE THEM! This is plane and simple an excellent game. I love that feel, when the game just surprises you with more and more clever implementations of the same one mechanic. In the end, you get to see the portraits knowing that this was a relatively long game that didn’t repeat itself not one time.

  5. for some reason download always stops at about 63 mb. also download manager refuses to download because of file size mismatch. so there is a problem.

  6. Know this from RPS, downloading now! My impression will come ASAP!