The Last Days According to Ezra (Orochii Zouveleki)

So, starting off, this game is made around an apocryphal book from Ezra, one of those jew prophets from the early days. In this case, it is from the fall of Sion, as it was conquered by Babilon. That’s the context where is Ezra, and that’s why he asks god why they were “forgotten”. [Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]

(May require RPGMaker, this game is available in both English and Spanish)


  1. Couldn’t really get into this one. The font is difficult to read, the English translation is quite off, and the battles are horribly unbalanced.

    • Well, if you install the font that comes with it, it’s easier to read.

      That’s as much as I’m willing to argue. I agree with the other two points. 😳

      • I think that the plot would have been more captivating if those last two points weren’t getting in the way and I (admittedly) weren’t reading the text with the mental voice of Tommy Wiseau. LOL The concept itself is pretty cool, but it would have gotten across a lot better with more accessibility.

        • Also, for comparison, I have a problem reading cursive writing, so that’s probably just my problem. 😉

  2. Hey, found this by coincidence. Thanks for the mention, and thanks also for the feedback. Now I’ll take a look at this site, I like a lot these kind of stuff.

  3. I found this game in Spanish and I can say that even with only an hour of play, this is a great game. Mainly focused on simplicity.

    Good work Orochii