Kreisreise (Akatsuki Twilight)




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  1. Sadly the translation doesn’t make tons more sense then the original Japanese:

    This is followed by ring eternity, or heaven or hell —
    Spinning, this is a dream.

    Seen outside one day.

    Around for only just continue it.

  2. Oh and “Kreisreise” means circle trip in German, that actually explains it much better 🙂

  3. Yeah, the game has a bit of Metroidvania to it, although I’m stuck right now. The author says the game is only about 97% complete, but playable from beginning to end with all items. I’m not sure what he plans on adding.

    (Also, man he has a lot of games on his page.)

  4. This is pretty cool. The perspective is sort of disorienting at first but the author uses it very creatively, I think. The pacing & difficulty kind of remind me of La Mulana in some ways. Just a shame I can’t read any of this…