Lamp and Vamp (Globz)

Light is your main enemy, so use your powers wisely to stay in the shadow. [Author’s Description]

(via John Polson,

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  1. Nice graphics and it’s fun to play as well, seems like it was designed for mobile devices…

  2. Yeah, this looks like it was intended for mobile phones. I hope they release it on there.

    Gameplay is really fun, although I often die without understanding what killed me. I’ll have 100 hearts on one turn, but I’ll just have been seen. Then I’m completely dead. 🙁

  3. Feels a LOT like Hoplite, but that’s not such a bad thing. I’m sure all hex based step games feel related.

    • I found that really confusing too. Now I’m wondering if health is a type of action point and you really only die when you end up adjacent to a human who has seen you. If that’s the case, it could be explained better.

      Hoplite is definitely a great mobile game to check out. It’s quite different from this though because of the stealth here.

  4. If this feels like hoplite, then I can’t wait to play hoplite! I enjoyed this, and will likely play it a few more times to see what strategy works best for me. My first few runs I just tried to kill everyone all the time.

  5. Really compelling. I can see myself coming back to this one a lot to top my high-score. You can get on quite a roll once you have a few upgrades.

    The tutorial is very bare-bones, but I enjoyed picking up the intricacies as I went along. I’m still not sure about some things, like who gets priority moving into a space.

  6. I really dig this one. Has a bit of that Hoplite vibe, yeah, but feels like its own thing.

    I think being next to a human a turn after they’ve spotted you, causes them to stake you. Priests have holy water bombs they can throw at you if you’re in their line of sight, but I think those only take away some hearts.

  7. after you get further into the game you will encounter impossible levels, though 🙁