Fright House (Jake Clover)


Probably not your cup of tea! Includes 6 games. – [Author’s description]

(via Paul Hack)

[Windows Download]


  1. crashes a lot (windows 8)
    that’s too bad

  2. Well, that was different. I liked the random Shooting Gallery robot game though. 🙂

  3. 😥 Whenever I try to play “Sanctuary” the game crashes as soon as the big dinosaur alien shows up with a window popping up saying “sanctuary.exe has stopped working” and that a solution will be presented if one can be found. After the game closes, nothing happens. Could you please leave a reply telling how to fix this?

    Operating System: Windows 8

    • Unfortunately, there is a compatibility issue between Windows 8 and all games made with the version of Gamemaker that Jake uses (I think it’s 8). Hotline Miami had this problem until Dennaton coded a fix. Sometimes you can get around it by running the games in XP compatibility mode.

  4. Game collection as noise rock EP (or whatever analogy you like). I really like that format, and some of these sketches are especially exciting.