2048 (Gabriele Cirulli)


Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile! – [Author’s description]

[Play Online (HTML5)]


  1. up, right, down, left, repeat until gameover. surprisingly effective.

    • I realised this too… made me feel pretty stupid that what I thought was a logical approach, thinking over moves, paled in comparison to just pushing buttons in a sequence.

    • That has no right being as effective as it is.

    • Froze up at 512 and 256 the first two times I’ve tried this approach, while thinking out my moves has gotten me to 1024. Maybe just bad luck on my part, but it’s hardly a surefire method at any rate.

    • 2884 with this method. My high score however is 6556. But it did last surprisingly long.

    • This isn’t as effective as you are making it out to be?

  2. This game is going to make me lose my job. Why do I love it so much?

    • Hey, you can beat it. Just did. Final score 20288, but there’s a single 2048 block. I guess that’s the important part.

      The strategy consisted of maintaining a block in a corner where you filter all the highest point things to. At least one wall in descending order should be filled in so when no other move is available you can jig back and forth and hopefully get back on track. Keep filtering combinations into the growing wall from the side. In the end a 1024 is next to a 512 is next to a 256 is next to a 128. Get another 128 next to it and collapse them down to win.

      Can I stop playing now?

      • Probably an unpopular opinion, but Threes just put me to sleep. Having a goal and more predictable behaviour in 2048 made it much more interesting.

        I had a blast with it. 🙂

        (I’ve heard rumours that being able to see incoming moves puts thoughtful play head and shoulders over random play in terms of final scores).

  3. Got 2048 while mindlessly combining numbers. High score of 22312

  4. with high score 31256 get the 2048 finally:)