HELL SECTOR MPPC-4036 (goddesses17)


it’s a very small self-contained game world i made in unity 3d. it takes place in a tiny inescapable segment of a much larger world…there is no end. the game is over if you successfully make a giant purple hulk rise out of the water.[Author’s description]

[Play Online]


  1. Is this “gods17” (Mastaba Snoopy)?

  2. Fascinating.

    BTW Play Online doesn’t link anything.

  3. Good game. I preferred it with the sound muted, which is not to say I dislike the music, it just seemed stranger and more open without it. I especially loved the initial minutes of scrambling with a camera that seemed to spiral further and further into uselessness.

  4. genuinely captures most of what i like in video game

  5. excellent