Impostor Syndrome (Georgiana Bourbonnais)


You’re giving a talk at a big important tech conference. But do you really deserve to be here, or were you selected just to fill a diversity quota?[Author’s description]

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  1. This is a rather difficult issue. Although its good that people are giving their opinions on it.

  2. Damn. Pretty powerful stuff. I really liked the placement of the alternate ending.

  3. A really powerful, deftly written piece. I wonder who the real author is!

  4. Charles de Goal

    “””You don’t leave pub nights and networking mixers early out of disdain for humankind; you leave because your senses get overloaded and need recharging. You don’t hate talking to people; you hate having to shout at them. You feel like the world would be a much more pleasant place if important business meetings were conducted quietly, over tea and baked goods. “””

    Ow. I know that feeling :-/