WRRRMZ! (Ian Snyder)

or hey, if you want to play the game with glitched colors and text, SECRET EASTER EGG LINK[Author’s Tweet]

[Play Online (Flash)]


  1. Cute little puzzle game. The stretching rules are a bit arbitrary-seeming, though. You can’t complete the level unless the snake is stretched enough. Sort of got annoying pretty quick. Would’ve rather the challenge be introduced in another way such as obstacles perhaps.

  2. The cuteness really goes with this. First thing that bothered me was that there’s no save feature. And this isn’t a game to play in one sitting. So I played a little and then left it muted and did stuff, but when I returned the text was all buggy, not disappearing and cluttering the screen. Now I think it’s something to do with the fullscreen stuff, but am not sure.

    • The game should be saving your progress. Is it not?

      not sure what the text bug is about, sorry :/

      • Well, NOW it’s saving my progress 🙂 dunno what happened yesterday. The text bug only happens on fullscreen, so it’s avoidable. And even then this game is great enough to tolerate all that. Congrats!

      • I believe repro for the text issue is: get text to appear, wait briefly, move worm so that mushroom color change is triggered while the text is fading, and the text will stop following and get left floating and undisappeared.