Time Squid (Lazy Brain Games)

Test your reflexes as your pilot through over 70 levels of fast paced action at the bottom of an alien sea![Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. This is really good.

    I wonder if it might make for a slight improvement if there were a more eye-catching visual indicator of the player-object’s start-point. The first thing that comes to mind would be — upon starting a level for the first time, but not necessarily upon subsequent retries during that run — a slight pause while large concentric circles close in on the start position. (I’m sure I’m cribbing that idea from other games.) Things work fine as-is, but it feels slightly unfair to miss out on an Ace solely because of the time it can occasionally take to find yourself onscreen.

    • Hey, do you play on Tibia Open servers, becuz when I join one and want to get a hauz, it saiz “nobody owns this house”.

  2. I have the same problem that “nobody” has. (See how I avoided that semantic pitfall?) Even when replaying stages to go for better scores, my main source of deaths is not figuring out where I am when the next stage in a set starts.

    Also, when I tried to quit to the level select menu from inside a set, the game crashed.