Awaken (Lachlan Birdsey)


I wrote about the overall concept in the About section of Awaken, but you can only see it if you finish it once! [Author’s description]

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  1. i like the part where you can modulate your paranoia

  2. warning: this game will blare a burst of static into your ears

  3. I don’t think I’ll spend time trying to unveil the mystery, but I liked this very much anyway.

    And yes, it was indeed weird how it included that static noise after asking me to wear headphones, which I fortunately didn’t do.

  4. this is really interesting, enjoyed it a lot. really cool way of arranging the narrative and i like the way you use those options you can toggle through to affect the story.

    there was a pretty clear sound warning in the about, if a thing says [read first] you should maybe do so?

  5. Really impressive work. A story that could only be told this effectively in Twine.

  6. Ha ha ha! Oh my! This was excellent. I found this really rewarding to play (and inspiring). I am at once glad for and a little saddenned by reading the “about” page: on the one hand I’m glad to know there is more to this than meets the eye; on the other, I think it reveals too much.

    Playing this made me want to play an interactive fiction equivalen of a game like Fez or Starseed Pilgrim. After just one playthrough I can’t say for sure, but it feels like it is on its way to being that, but not quite there yet?

    The role of time was very well played: I often waited when I didn’t like the available response, to see if something else would open up. The blurred text is nice too: inspect element!

    Yup: I am going to play this a few times and stand on its shoulders later. ( ^0^)//

  7. I found this very impressive from a technical standpoint, but like arrogant.gamer above, the “about” page cheapened the experience a little bit for me. It was indeed interesting to find out there was more to it, but the emphasis of the author’s intentions seemed to be placed on other things than those I personally latched on to (i.e. the feeling of inhabiting a trouble physical state) and it was a little frustrating to have it spelled out. Still a captivating play and daring experiment.