Maximum Frustration 2 (Zapxo)

Have fun, and be frustrated! – [Author’s Description]

[Play online (Flash)]


  1. If it’s going to count deaths, I’m not going to touch it. A bad sign.

      • I disagree with the idea that if something counts deaths, it’s a bad sign. I think the number of failures can be a good measure of skill, if the game is properly skillful.

        This game, sadly, requires very little skill. Its aesthetic is fun enough for a few levels, but it’s a bit like Simon, if Simon didn’t tell you what the new step was going to be and it had 16 buttons instead of 4.

        Game has a level editor, which is pretty neat.

  2. no proper forecasting of threats pretty much breaks the game.

    • Yeah, it’s what ultimately makes it unplayable – but the game has a good sense of humour, which I found pretty enjoyable. Does outstay its welcome, though.

      • It’s a bit long for how much humour is in it – too many things are repeated (and not in a way that the player can learn, which would be more forgiveable and perhaps more awesome). These sorts of games require very very sensitive level design. (The game would be very very different if there were hints as to what was there).

  3. This game is tough… but it can be clever. Fun for a while.

  4. I made a really cool level for this game:
    Play it here!