VESPER.5 (Michael Brough)

In this game, you may take one step each day, and then you must wait for the next day.  If you wish to complete the game, you will have to make it a part of your life for at least 100 days. [Author’s description]

[Windows Download]
[Mac Download]


  1. Keeps crashing on me 🙁 Using the Mac version

    • Oh dear! I’m really sorry about that. What macos version are you using?

      • OH, and could you hit “show details” and email me the crash text? ( that would be super helpful if you can, thank you!

        • Dude. I think your games just don’t work on anything below mac 10.6. This happened with kompendium too.

  2. This works on my crummy Windows laptop. Finally a game for 25th century busy gamers! 😛

  3. This is a really cool idea. I like it when games form connections to reality in some way.

  4. I hadn’t noticed until seeing this screenshot that the wall images explicitly include arrows nudging you toward the right.

    [Ah, playing my turn for today reveals that either each player sees a different set of wall images, or — even more interestingly if true, given the way this game is playing with time on the most basic level — the wall images change each day.]

    It’s also interesting that there’s ambiguity as to whether the gaps on the top and bottom toward the left are actual wall openings or whether they’re just an accident of the framing. (All walls on the first screen except the one on the far left have those notches. My guess is that either those are solid walls on the top and bottom or else the entire corridor is porous. Probably the former.).

    Lastly, someone on Twitter was recently complaining that they can’t enjoy even single-player games these days because — and I might be mangling their sentiment here, possibly because I couldn’t relate — the field is already full of “power” players or “FAQ-based” players, leaving no room for solitary exploration of a game’s language/intricacies/game-rules(?). In any case, it’s interesting that this game’s set-up seems to sidestep that issue, at least for anyone starting within the first few days of its release (and assuming no one cheats the system and maps the whole thing out at once).

    [Also, there’s probably a sly comment to be made about in-app purchases and/or reports of players selling their save-files, but I can’t quite get it together.]

    • Yeah, the top and bottom thing is interesting. Especially since the designer has previously played around with the concept of what is and is not a wall at the edge of a room in a previous game.

  5. Hey how do you start a new game? I cannot find the “save gave” file.

    • In Windows it’s in the Application Data or %appdata% directory for the currently logged-in user. (You can type “%appdata%” into the Start Menu’s “Run…” window in either XP or Win7 to jump directly to the right place.) There you’ll see a directory called “vesper5.”