Ruin Diver III (KKairos)

Dodge things, grab things and shoot things.

Try not to die.[Author’s description]

[Download for MegaZeux]
[Download MegaZeux for Windows, Mac, Linux]


  1. Very brutal. Love it.

  2. Fun game. Has a Spelunky vibe to it. I died over 100 times before finally winning. In addition to the difficulty, I like the concept of platformers with different playable characters having different abilities.

  3. So a fellow MZXer relayed my high DL count on DigitalMZX for this game, asking me how I did it.

    I’m apparently out of the loop on this one myself, if someone official can tell me I’m curious where you guys picked this up–was it Auntie Pixelante?

    • Probably, yeah, Auntie Pixelante was talking about it on twitter just before she posted it, which is where I presume Porpentine saw it.

    • I was sitting around listening to Auntie Pixelante die to it a bunch of times so I downloaded and checked it out and liked it a lot!

      • i was really drunk and laughing continuously for like an hour as i died over and over and over again. she couldn’t help but be INTRIGUED.

        • I’m so happy to hear about the dying over and over again.

          Let me know if you beat it with a standard red/blue diver or make a successful Twinslime kill with Ninjette. (I’ve not done the latter yet IIRC.)

          Thanks Porpentine for the link, as well as anna anthropy (who let me know Porpentine was partly responsible for the download count.) Funny you guys found it through dMZX itself, I suspected apol was involved.

  4. Thanks all for the kind words, btw.