Planet Floop (Christopher Casey)

For its unsociable behavior, the Intergalactic Space Judges have sentenced this planet to Space Prison for the remainder of its natural life, plus 50 years, without possibility of parole.

Luckily, Planet Floop’s Benevolent President-for-Life Tyrone J. Slipshine has made a pact with an extradimensional entity known only as “The Player.” This Player being is tasked with setting planet-sized repulsor generators around the area to push Floop into nearby wormholes.[Author’s description]

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  1. Strange enough, my story was happy end even though I never got to use the third item.

  2. I don’t happen to see any “play” button at the start so I can’t play. Looks really interesting, though.

  3. Weirdly enough it worked when playing from Chrome. I was using Firefox before.