Cosmogonie (Spotline)

Cosmogonie is a short interactive experimentation. The only controller is your mouse, you have to use it in various ways to interact with the environnment. […] Sound is a big part of this so please play with headphones or speakers on 😀[Author’s Description]

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[Download for Windows]

[Download for Mac]

via @pekuja


  1. I won … as far as I can tell.

  2. I found this really compelling. Maybe beautiful. It took me a while to figure out the third gesture (rapid mouse movements, I think), and I’m still not sure what the trigger is to move on from the rapidly spinning section toward the end (triggered it naturally on the first playthrough; failed to find it on the second).

  3. Same problem as nobody. I think you have to hold the mouse button in a certain area on the screen, but I’m not sure. Still, a great game. Awesomely hypnotic.

  4. If you’re speaking of the section with the clouds, you have to hold and drag horizontally until the tower has turned upside down =) (sorry for the lack of intuitiveness)