Cavenaut (Bruno R. Marcus)

Caves, mazes, underground rivers… unexplored areas full of challenges awaits you. – [Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. It’s sad that I die a few dozen times and bump this up to “Highly Recommended”. So what? If a game is super hard, I’m suddenly in love? What…what does that say about me? Nothing good. Nothing good.

    • other than dying a lot, how was it?

      • I like it. I’m almost finished (I think); it’s much larger than I originally anticipated. It really opens up once you get a shovel.

      • I’m only as far as the first animated part, and I’m already smitten. I have a feeling I probably would have Highly Recommended this one too.

  2. Ok, have played this a bit more. I’m well over two hours in now; it’s a hell of a lot longer than it first appears to be.

    It’s a very clever and consistently well designed game. I’m absolutely loving it.

  3. A cheat for the harsh water areas: tapping P repeatedly will advance the game a single frame.

  4. Okay, so after you manage to beat that *very* frustrating set of two rooms with two keys. You *know* what I’m talking about once you get stuck on it.

    Well, back up your savefile after that. The game has a serious problem with a respawn point in the room immediately following. If you fall into it, you gotta start *all over again*. I’ve tried to contact the authour, but no luck so far. πŸ˜₯

    (edit: also feel free to email me a fixed savefile someone anyone T_T)

    • The authour has found the bug and fixed it. I’m not sure if the corrected version is available for download yet, but it should be soon.

  5. pretty nice! I liked the ending. and I know exactly which two rooms Aquin is talking about, arghhh. if I had seen that earlier I would have copied a save :/

  6. Man! That was something else. I went into it thinking it was just going to be a silly little dodge-the-snakes, collect-the-shinies sort of game, and then it just kept on going. Looking forward to the sequel, if that ever happens.

  7. This is super slick! I’m only a short way into the first dungeon, but I’m loving it so far.

    • Just finished it, really great. Parts of the final level were quite infuriating, but overall I really enjoyed it. The atmosphere of the early forest and cave levels is superb.

      There’s a certain similarity here to Another World, although the games are very different. I think maybe I get similar vibes from the animations? Or perhaps it’s the sound design… they both have a similar sort of quietness to them.

  8. Argh, it’s windows-only and has real timing issues running inside a VM. I got the shovel but kept getting killed as things would sloooooow dooown SPEEDUPSPEEDUP. Looks like it’s time to boot camp again. πŸ™‚

  9. connorcarpenter

    And 942 deaths later, I beat it.
    Holy smokes man, I seriously thought that it was the last room, like, probably 10-15 times, but it just kept going. Very well done game. I’m surprised that there was so much gameplay available from such sparse mechanics. I haven’t sweat it out this much in a game for a long time.

  10. I get a “failed to load game data, file seems corrupted” error on this and several other games I’ve found through this site… none of them have disappointed me as much as this one, going by the glowing commentary. Halp?

  11. What? What are you guys talking about? I can save? How do I save??

  12. Oh… it saves when you exit. Nevermind πŸ˜€

  13. I don’t have anything unique to add here, but wanted to chime in to say that this is without doubt among the best games of recent years, freeware or otherwise. It’s definitely worth persevering if you’re having installation troubles (and it’s also worth persevering through some of its trickier sections; it becomes very difficult, but remains rigorously fair.)

  14. Has the author uploaded the fixed version anywhere yet? I just stopped playing after ‘those two frustrating rooms’, and I’m thinking I’d like to update the game before I end up moving on after that.

    Not that I would particularly mind replaying the majority of the game, but ‘those two frustrating rooms’ I can definitely do without.