Vertical Impulse (Leon Arnott)

You must be the same colour as the block to break it.[Author’s Description]

[Play online (HTML5)]
[Download for Windows]


  1. I like this a ton (though I don’t understand how Arnott somehow failed to include a single cat).

    I think the way it’s respectful of the player’s time was the right way to go, not requiring a complete restart after each mistake. As it is, each bounce up and down the play field requires a tiny bit of new strategy for success and there’s a nice natural progression of each ‘level’ being longer than the previous simply by virtue of passing through the previous run’s middle space. There’s something clever to be noted there, but I’m not sure how best to phrase it, something about the spatialization of level progression I guess, like the play space itself is a progress bar expanding in both directions. (Of course, you could say practically the same about any linear game, but its the backtracking that lets you see that growth.)

    • (On second thought, that last part was probably a bit silly to bother pointing out. I think I’m still hung over from trying to engage with “Run.”)

  2. This was great. I’ve been a fan of Arnott’s website for a while: anybody willing to make a Mac port of Spelunky is immediately awesome in my book. But somehow I hadn’t seen this game yet, so thanks for the link!

  3. Excellent game! The progression of challenge is really well designed. It’s Metroid-pongia.

  4. Really well done. Excellent game system design as well as level design. The HTML 5 version seem a teeny tiny bit laggy. Is this a general limitation of HTML 5 as a 2D game engine? (are there generally accepted REALLY fast 2D game engines?)