Foam (Stwelin)

I am so lazy about making games, there was a thread made about it. This is my first game. Dear god, what have I done?[Author’s description]

Gamepad: Left stick to move, right stick to rotate camera.
Keyboard: WASD to move, J+L to rotate camera.

[Download for Windows]


  1. Wow, this game’s something else. Loving the mood and graphics, but I felt a little lost. Played for 30 mins without making much progress. Will try again soon πŸ™‚

  2. I was really charmed by this one. I appreciate how it takes a while to figure out exactly what sort of game it is (which I guess I oughtn’t to spoil here), even after discovering what turns out to be its primary mechanic.

    [Actually, now that I think of it, there’s a commercial game from last year that uses almost the same single-mechanic-serving-two-similar-but-distinct-functions, but I have a feeling it’s a coincidence and not a direct inspiration. The comparison definitely never crossed my mind while playing.]

    Two things I wish I knew before starting:

    1. Just go ahead and start taking notes from the beginning. A simple map will suffice. (I’ve stumbled my way through as far as I have without making a map, and that has meant a lot of wasted time.)

    2. As far as I can tell there’s no way to continue a game after quitting and relaunching? (I was lulled into thinking otherwise by the “New Game” on the main menu. Hopefully I’ll pick this up again, but for the moment its a bit frustrating to think about restarting after playing — I think — around 75% of the game.

    • I don’t believe the exploration aspect of the game is wasted time. Once you explore and think about how the areas connect (Might take 30mins to 1hr) then you could beat the game in 5 to 10 minutes. no need for a save feature. Maybe a map would be cool.

      • I should clarify: I don’t think the exploration aspect is a waste of time at all! Exploration is the best! The wastefulness I felt was only in the time spent inefficiently looking for previously visited screens. Your memory and sense of direction are probably better than mine. πŸ™‚

        • On my first play through, i was definitely struggling. Having a map would not take away from the fun of the game. This is a game I would recommend to anyone wanting a refreshing game experience. πŸ™‚

  3. Played and beat the game in a hour. Once you explore everywhere and talk to everyone. You figure out what people need. EXCELLENT GAME, great level of exploration with puzzles. The music is brings a great atmosphere, it just needs more of it.

  4. Just won it. I mean, I got to the “The end” screen. I do think this needs a map, or at least a “take notes” warning. I didn’t take notes though, and made it in half hour after playing two other times before.

    I didn’t get “Three out of three”. I was in my way to get the last one, in the black and white room, with the guy that “knows the third egg”, but I realized I hadn’t beaten the electric guardian at the door. So I needed to go back, become electric, beat the guard, get the last egg I had gotten again, become the epileptic shape and go to the black and white room, and it seemed so much work.

    I would like to know what would happen though, and this is an excellent game. So I might give it another chance, you know, taking notes and such.

  5. Yeah, this is definitely one you’re going to want to play with pen and paper on hand.

    It strikes me that there might be more than one ending, can anyone confirm without spoiling too much?

  6. So I took notes. Drew a map, more like spaghetti really. Got the three eggs and talked to the three psychedelic entities (“Three of three”). And the ending sure changes. Nothing fancy, but it was worth it. Won’t spoil it, but let me warn you, there’s some thanking involved.

    • Oh, wait, so the ending I got WAS due to the ‘Cosmic Squigglies’? Time to miss them on purpose to see what the other ending’s like, ‘en.

      • That’s totally not worth it. As far as I saw, it’s the same but without the thanking. I guess, however, that the game’s cool enough to replay it for whatever reason.

        • There is a third ending, probably independent of whether or not you talk to all the color entities. To get it, (spoiler) don’t get the umbrella and proceed without it.

  7. I love the aesthetic & presentation of this game, like being trapped in some early 3d console game that never got finished and secretly evolved its own eery world.

  8. Oh no! The download isn’t working anymore due to used bandwidth. Can someone provide a mirror? That would be great.

  9. SomeMountainMan


  10. Here’s a mirror (from the game’s author):

  11. This game is so beautiful and well designed, first game I finish in a while!

  12. Finally played this after having the game on my computer since it was posted here. The music is great and perfect for this type of gameplay, and I really like the overall mood. The graphics are awesome too.

    I haven’t beaten it yet but I’ll definitely give it another shot !

  13. Really wanted to love this game. Instead I tripped at the first hurdle (couldn’t find the umbrella). I presume it’s a teleport maze, but I couldn’t initiate any unexpected movement appearances.

    So, I guess it is comfortable reserving its game design for those smart enough to figure the hidden trick.

    • Missed the mysteriously suddenly open closet on my third time trying. Now I see the content (and the trick), but had such a miserable initial experience that I don’t care to proceed.

  14. Anyone know of any gameplay videos for this?
    Can’t run in my computer…

  15. I really want to try this one, but for some odd reason, I can’t make it past the title screen. No matter how much I mash the 1 key, it won’t respond; I’ve tried mashing the numpad 1 key, holding the 1 key down, using numlock, toggling gamepad mode (which also gets no response) and pressing every other key on my keyboard, but none of those seem to get a reaction either. toggling fullscreen mode with F4 and quitting with esc works instantly and with no issues, however.

    I know the comments likely aren’t checked much at this point, but I figured I’d at least get the issue out there, since I’m completely stumped.

    • Not sure what to say, unfortunately. Gamemaker games (pre-Studio?) reportedly have some troubles with Windows 8, if that’s what you’re using.

      I did some digging around — I liked this game a ton — and may have found an identity-trail leading to contact information for the author. (That said, if it’s a GM/Win8 issue, there might be little he can do.)

      It looks like he had a twitter account under the same user name as his now-dormant tigsource account (confirmed here), but it’s since been disabled.

      Favstar, however, still remembers the name associated with the account here.

      And searching under that full name (though not particularly thoroughly) leads to a promising GitHub account here, last active three days ago checking in changes on a Java game engine. There’s an email address on that page (though a student/academic one, so who knows how far into the future that’ll last).

      Incidentally, the game runs fine on my end in Win7.