Fabric (mikesoylu)

A first person puzzle platform game about bending the fabric of the universe. [ Author’s description ]

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  1. The level with two floating islands perplexes me.

  2. Really liked this one. It would be awesome to see more levels, but this is great considering the limitations of the 7DFPS development cycle.

  3. I’m currently stuck on the floating islands one too. Surely just jumping is a no-no, but I can’t see anything to affect.

  4. This is great. It’s one of those ideas that — once you see it — feels like someone ought to have thought to do it (in 3D) before.

    And I would guess the floating islands level is end. If you die on any other level you immediately restart that level. Fall on the floating islands level and you’re sent to the title screen before restarting the level.

  5. I hope not, that’s a bit of a crappy thing to do. You COULD interpret it as a metaphor that there’s not always a solution to every problem, but then why have it restart at that same level again. Unless there’s something in the previous levels to do that will make this one work, but without any way to backtrack, I fail to see how. :/ Ah well – I must be stupid or summat. 😛

    • Keep in mind that this was just made during the 7 Day FPS contest. So, only one week had to go into the whole thing from concept to design to implementation. I hope they come back to this.

  6. Awesome. This world was needing a 3D Fault Line.

  7. Quick note: The Drop Box link to the Unity Player is down, but the game’s on Kongregate. You can find the link via the Author’s Description at the 7dfps site, or by clicking here.