Deadlock (Chartreux, addNothing, kdroben, et al.)

FPS platformer: climb a gigantic tower without being kicked down by the security installations–robots and turrets.[Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]

[Download for Mac]

Notes: Use your gun to turn off jump-pads, fullscreen is recommended for mouse-capture, make sure to redefine your keyboard inputs at the start.


  1. Very well done, although the red block enemies shoved me literally INSIDE the walls more than a few times.

  2. I love games where if you fall off once in an unfortunate position then you just fall back down to the beginning. 3D platformers make it even better, who needs tight controls when you can have laggy 3D (even on fastest graphics)? And my most favourite part of the game is how Z is to move forward and Q to move left. Brilliance.

    • Well, I can say anything about the other things you said because I didn’t had enough time to really play it; but the graphics are not laggy here and they are very impressive for a free indie game. I do prefer side-scrolling platforming though.

    • You can change the controls in the input tab, it warns you about it in the post.

    • Google “French keyboard layout” and feel silly, plz.

      I’ll see how relevant the rest of your criticism is when I get a chance to play, but what were you really expecting with a game coded in 7 days?

      • Yes, sillier than a goose. It was stupid of me to comment the way that I did.

        I was drawn to the game by its graphics and because of the fact it was a 3D platformer; I wanted to see if it actually did it well since I have a bad opinion of 3D platformers. However, my dinky laptop does not have the girth for this game’s graphics.

  3. Yeah, I knew posts about 7DFPS would highlight games that feel unfinished and buggy. This isn’t a problem with LD, probably because the focus is often on 2D. 3D, even with something as sophisticated as Unity and extra days, is just a whole other ball of wax.

    But I’m pretty sure this game will get an overhaul by the team; maybe next year people will get 2 weeks instead. 😛

  4. please reupload

  5. Hi everybody!

    A few words to tell you we have released a new demo you can try on our website (Windows 32/64, Mac, Browser) :!.html

    Your feedbacks would be greatly apreciated!

    Oh, and if you like what we’ve done and want to help us developing the project, we set up a crowd-funding campaign on Ulule website :

    Hope you will enjoy the game!

    Best regards,

    The 5Bits Games team.