Cat Planet (chuchino)

Everybody cat planet! – [in game text]

[Download for Windows]


  1. Delightful. Those cats are all just so excited to be right where they are and they really want to share that with you!

    And it’s neat how it starts off giving you the impression (for quite a long time!) that it’s just a fun little exploration game where any sense of challenge would be beside the point.

    It’s worth noting that holding the up arrow when flapping will fly you upwards at a dramatically faster speed. If you don’t catch on to that it’ll be hard to complete some of the later sections.

    And, wow, that last room was fairly brutal, difficulty-wise.

    • Oh wow, didn’t know about holding up! I expect that does make it quite a lot easier, heh.

      • Aaah, I was going through all these cat games telling myself: “BUT WHERE’S CAT PLANET!” and bam, there it was.

        But yes, I beat the whole game last month, without knowing about the speed run trick, and only found out at the very end. To be fair though there was only 1 or 2 spots where you really needed it.

        Still waiting for Cat Planet 2 with coop support.

  2. This is so good, oh my gosh. I loved it when there was no danger, I loved it when it was super hard and I REALLY loved the speedy happy credits. Rad.

  3. Fun, but sinister game.

  4. great game and frustrating…in a good way.

  5. I finally beat this today! Woooo.