Nemesis Macana (Herman Schudspeer, Victor Gijsbers)

Saint Paul saw Jesus on the road to Damascus. Constantine witnessed the holy cross rising from the sun. This very day, you can see Nemesis Macana on the screen of your personal computer, and who knows what conversion may follow? – [Author’s statement]

[Play Online]
[Download Zblorb File]

Note: To play .zblorb files, download an interactive fiction interpreter like Gargoyle.


  1. Pretty funny. The siren has a lot to say…

  2. That was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. And goodness me it was incredibly weird seeing bits of Mody Dick and Hamlet popping up in there.

    It’s also hilarious that the very first use of Melville, Shakespeare, IF history and a Derrida allusion in a game is also a massive porn joke.

    • Victor Gijsbers

      I’m quite certain that is how Derrida would have wanted it. 🙂 And Shakespeare as well, of course.