Commander Keen – Doom of Mars (DrColossus)

After defeating Mortimer McMire’s robot army, Commander Keen is on his way to the planet Mars. – [Author’s description]

[Download for Windows]


  1. This game is retro in unintentional ways. Like many NES games, it’s so punishingly hard that it’s not even fun.

    Overall a good concept, but I think the enemies are too tough for the game to be a shooter, and they are not avoidable enough for it to be a survival horror-type.

  2. Currently mid-play and loving it. I would love to see more well-done kitbash games like this.

  3. Hi!

    I found this game recently and was amazed of it. I got so into it´s action, details and gore that in less than a week I played up until to level 10, I think it was called “The Gates of Hell.”

    Then I was face to face with the worst enemy so far, that donkey headed thing, which keeps shooting these giant green spheres at me whereever I am. Could you let me know how it is supposed to treat him? I tried attacking him quite a few times but since the elevator in front of him keeps dropping all the way down immediatly after I step on it, things start to become quite frustrating. Especially because new Demons, Cacodemons and so on keep showing up every time I try.

    I haven´t played original Doom at all, but original Commander Keen more than enough, so if this is a some sort of puzzle like something that might have been in Doom, a hint would be appreciated.


  4. Don’t bad, but very brutal 🙁 . I can says for levels: THIS IS REAL DOOM!!!