Refugee – The second hearing (Vasily Zotov)

I believe this is a new GENRE, if I am not right, tell me, I will write that this is old.[Author’s Statement]

[Download for Windows]

[Download for Mac]

[Unity Web Player Version]


  1. Note that the Windows installer shares the paranoid style of its author: the self-extracting .exe installs a nested installer and a .7z file, and attempts to install a new copy of 7zip. The .7z file is password protected. If cancelled mid-way, the installer, the .7z file, and the 7zip installer are all removed from your hard drive. I believe this is a new genre.

  2. This must be one of the strangest games I have ever played. And I cant even tell if its oddness is intentional (there is no obvious “wink” to the audience), or if its a product of the author’s twisted imagination.

  3. I enjoyed this a lot.