Mutation (gargonherd)

MUTATION is a game of time and space. It is a rotting tomb filled with unpleasant sights. You will despise your body as you change into something you don’t quite understand. It is misery, it is alienation, it is MUTATION.[Author description]

[Play online (Unity)]


  1. This is disturbing as much as ‘Johnny Got His Gun Quest’ for me.

    • It creeped me out a lot the first time I played it, where I (not having read the instructions) never found a way out of the first room, and was thinking that my own actions were affecting the mutation (“oh maybe if I bop my head against this roof again I’ll mutate again, maybe that’s what caused it”, &c.). I didn’t enjoy my second playthrough (where I went exploring and did things) quite as much.

  2. Holy cow something about this really unnerved me.

    • Bradbury (Malingerer-Z)

      It was probably the first statue. It’s kind of unnerving. ➡ ❓ ➡ ❗ ➡ ❓

  3. This was a wonderful kind of unsettling. I think my favorite part was the ladders and how it felt to “climb” them.