jump as mr zuper hero dude, stop em aliens, bring their ships down destroy dem walkers[Author’s description]

[Download for windows]


  1. If you hadn’t sent out the extra twitter message, I probably would have skipped this one, guilty of judging a book by its cover, etc. (A downside to the no-curatorial-text policy).

    The frantic fighting is sort of outside of my wheelhouse, but there’s undeniably a whole bunch of brilliant going on in this small game.

    A note to those on the fence about bothering to download (which you should): In the image above, the playable character is in the upper-right, small, jumping very high, wearing a red cape. It’s possible s/he’s lifting that large horizontal creature into the air.

  2. this has a load of awesome, but i got a crashbug at the bit with ‘z+arrows’
    Fingers crossed it gets more done to it, the site says he/she wants to do more but no time atm

  3. A ton of fun! I especially like the under attack, There were some instances where I could under attack left to right, then immediately follow it up with another under attack from right to left. That made me feel like I was really kicking ass.

    Another thing I love is the detail during the cut scenes. When they accuse me of ruining their party I noticed the silhouette in the background of a server with drinks. Nice touch!

  4. I thought this game will not be fun at all, but the actual game was exact opposite! I was suprised, and suprised again for that I was suprised. I really like it!

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